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Pool Renovation Products in San Diego, CA

Blue Moon Pools Inc. promotes professional practices through the use of high quality products and procedures. We are licensed and insured - since the year 2000. Blue Moon Pools is your partner for success.
If your pool is in need of a much needed make-over, then let our Pool Remodeling Experts handle your problem today. Blue Moon Pools Inc. is always ready.
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Blue Moon Pools Top Products

We take Pool Renovations very seriously. Our experience has taught us many things, but most importantly it has taught us to use only the finest materials to make your pool renovation a success. Here is a list of the Products we use to finish your pool.

Primera Stone

"Wet Edge" Primera Stone Premium Finish™

This is a premium pool finish that combines the high performance of an admixture and polymer modified cement beautiful quality natural aggregates and mineral based pigments for a long lasting pool finish.
Created by Mother Nature, these 100% naturally colored aggregates are sourced from around the world. These brilliant and vividly colored aggregates will never fade. Semi-precious stones such as blue lapis, red jasper and a blend of natural green quartz and onyx stones are mined high in the picturesque Andes Mountains. A crushed blend of Mother of Pearl and Abalone shells from the islands of the South Pacific are used to enhance Primera Stone™ pool finishes with a shimmering sparkle.
The 100% mineral based pigments, Developed exclusively by Wet Edge Technologies™ for the Primera Stone™ Premium Pool Finishes are extremely stable and resistant to UV light and fading.

Pearl Matrix

"Wet Edge" Pearl Matrix™

This pool finish provides a beautiful and natural appearance to your pool. Pearl Matrix™ is developed by combining slightly larger vibrant, naturally colored stones into one of many stunning color combinations. Every Pearl Matrix™ finish is produced to allow an attractive and delightful natural appearance.
The outstanding qualities of the Pearl Matrix™ pool finish create an extremely durable finish that surpasses conventional plaster or marcite pool finishes. This is due to WetEdge™'s enviable collection of beautiful and vibrant-looking stones uniquely obtained from the most desired locations around the world.
Pearl Matrix™ pool finish provides a pleasingly durable, long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time. It is also less subject to damage from chemical imbalances and is more resistant to staining. These advanced and pleasing qualities of Pearl Matrix™ are what make it one of the most desirable pool finishes available today.

Satin Matrix

"Wet Edge" Satin Matrix™

This pool finish provides the exquisite appearance of fine polished stone, creating a stunning, visual effect. Satin Matrix™ is developed by combining smaller vibrant, naturally colored stones of many stunning color combinations. Every Satin Matrix™ finish is lightly buffed to ensure a smooth and beautiful appearance.
The Satin Matrix™ pool finish is created using the same superior technologies and exquisite fine-quality stones as our Pearl Matrix™ pool finish. Satin Matrix™ pool finish creates the look of a beautiful and elegant natural stone surface through the use of smaller lightly buffed stones.
The resulting Satin Matrix™ pool finish look is beautiful hard stone, created with the elegant look of granite. And like our Pearl Matrix™ pool finish, it is pleasingly durable, long-lating, less subject to damage from chemical imbalances, and is more resistant to staining. Those are just some of the reasons why Satin Matrix™ is one of the most desirable pool finishes available today.

Altima Premium Pool Finish

"Wet Edge" Altima Premium Pool Finish™

This provides many improvements to a standard plaster surface.
A plaster mix can consist of any marble sand and whichever cement is available in the industry however, Altima Premium Pool Finish is a premixed combination of quality marble sand, excellent cement and an admixture containing pozzolans and polymers. This admixture modifies the cement to improve the durability and longevity of the pool finish.
Altima™ Premium Pool Finish - White
The bright white marble in this product is handpicked for its purity and brightness. Color Quartz can be added to the Altima White to create additional aesthetically pleasing color combinations.
Altima™ Premium Pool Finish - Gray
The natural gray marble is the base aggregate in this product that will never lose color since it is a crushed from a natural stone. To enhance the Altima™- Gray, Wet Edge has added a mineral based black pigment that is resistant to UV degradation and fading. The rich gray tone of this product gives the water color a gorgeous hue of blue.

Pentair Water Pool and Spa

They are the leading global manufacturer of swimming pool and spa equipment and accessories for the commercial, municipal, and residential markets for in-ground and above-ground pools, spas, jetted tubs, and aquarium, pond, and aqua culture applications.
The brands include: IntelliFlo®, IntelliPro™, Kreepy Krauly®, MasterTemp®, WhisperFlo®, Max-E-Therm, EasyTouch®, IntelliTouch®, FIBERWorks®, Legend®, MasterTemp®, and PoolShark®, Acu-Trol, Paragon Aquatics®, Pentair Aquatics®, and Eco-Select.