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Take pride in your Residential or your Community Pool. Your pool is there to enhance the appeal on your property. Blue Moon Pool takes your out-dated or ugly pool and revives it with our top quality products.
First, we start you out with our FREE ESTIMATE and suggest the proper course to take with your pool. Our trained and professional staff is here to help and will recommend only the products and services you will need. We stand behind all of our work with comprehensive warranties.

Pool Plastering

Pool Plastering is a growing business that many homeowners and business owners have come to realize as a preferred way of upgrading their existing pools appearance. Plastering has been updated tremendously over the past decade with the use of finer materials, such as color quartz and pebble to enhance the pools appearance.

Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling is quite a task. Many elements go into remodeling a pool and the process can be tedious but also rewarding. Bringing your pool back to life or totally making over its core can generate jaw dropping expressions from friends and relatives.
First, the plaster and tile (if required) is removed, then new coping and tiles are installed. When everything is set, the new plaster is applied to the top portion of the wall and carefully feather in so you don’t see any seams between the old and the new.
Project Schedule:
  • Phase 1. Drain the Pool.
  • Phase 2. Remove old plaster, tile and coping.
  • Phase 3. Install New Coping.
  • Phase 4. Install New Tile.
  • Phase 5. Finish Plastering Pool and Refill with water.

Baja Bench

A Baja Bench is a large shelf at the entrance to your pool that is 12 inches to 18 inches deep. It allows you to soak or lounge without being completely submerged. Blue Moon Pools can also install a sleeve for an umbrella to provide shade.

Shallowing a Pool

A lot of older pools had 7 foot to 9 foot ends to facilitate diving boards. Now most of these diving boards have been removed. Blue Moon Pools can shallow your pool down to 5 or 6 feet. This has been shown to greatly reduce your energy costs

Pool Tile - Stone and Brick Coping

Pool Tile and Coping play a very important role in the value and overall look of your pool. The effects that mother nature puts on your pool can deteriorate the tile and coping in such a way that it makes your pool look very poor or unkempt. This is not good for the appearance as well as your safety.
Swimming pool tile and coping is fragile and can crack or become loose with time. By time this has happened the damage has probably already spread and it is time to call a professional.

Virginia Graham Baker Code Retrofits

The granddaughter of former Secretary of State James Baker, was Virginia Graham Baker. In 2002 she died in a tragic pool drowning. At a graduation party for the eldest daughter, the family was at a home where there was a pool and spa. She actually drowned by entrapment after being pinned underwater by hundreds of pounds of suction force from the drain of the hot tub. So in 2006 The Pool and Spa Safety Act was put to legislation on Capitol Hill and passed.
We have retrofitted numerous Commercial Pools and Spas to become compliant with this new code.
Blue Moon Pools takes children safety very seriously and we adhere to all regulations and products that save lives. Family owned and operated for over 10 years now, we want to ensure your safety and your family’s safety for years to come. Let us inspect your pool or spa today and help save a life.

Summer Fun with Your Pool

The Summer Time is a time to relax and enjoy some free time and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy your pool while you have it. Pools can be a fun hang out spot for children and great gathering spots for adults and private parties. Get in touch with Blue Moon Pools Today.

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